Live Workshops

All workshops take place within Collier and Lee County in Florida.

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Pantry Make-Over

Is your pantry filled with processed foods and JUNK?

Are you likely to reach in and grab CRAP when you are on the run, living your beautiful busy life?

~NEVER FEAR Savour Wellness is Here!~


LEARN how to decipher food labels and avoid food marketing tactics

                $125 (90 minutes)

If you also participate in the Grocery Store Tour

your Grocery Tour fee of $25 will be waived

(Limited to Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero FL)

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Savoury Grocery Store Tour

Feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to keep up with the health claims on food labels?

Do you wish you had some help when deciding what foods are best for you and your family?

Do you wonder what all the hype is about organics?

Let’s take a tour of our local supermarkets and health food stores. This tour can be very helpful for those looking to make healthier choices.


(3-6 participants $25pp)

(Limited to Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero FL)

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Research is clear that by encouraging healthier choices among employees, long term savings in terms of sick time, disability and health care are reaped.

Businesses that have developed a wellness culture also realize cost savings in retention, recruitment, reputation and employee loyalty.

Combining my many years of business experience, knowledge of healthy living and passion inspiring others, my programs offer tremendous benefits to both employers and employees.

“Give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach a man to fish,and he eats for a lifetime"

Programs can be scheduled before, during or after business hours and can be customized by topic, length and/or frequency.

Taught in a relaxed, informal manner valuable information is shared and discussion and group participation is strongly encouraged.

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 MOST POPULAR Group Program!

My signature small group programs are designed for affordability and group support. I will facilitate and coach each group to set and achieve individual healthy weight loss goals while creating a supportive community of care and accountability. Participants learn weight loss and healthy living tips, are introduced to new foods, learn healthy shopping techniques, and are supported in maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.


(Minimum 3 participants at your


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