Eating can be unappealing on the hottest of summer days, when all you want to do is stretch out like a cat in front of the fan and hide from the sun. Keeping up nutrition and hydration is important, especially on days that the heat is fierce enough to tire out your body. Here are some tips to keep cool and healthy during heat waves while enjoying the things you eat.

The key is to stay hydrated. Your body will need extra salt (Celtic or Pink Himalayan sea salt), minerals and electrolytes – these are nutrients that your body will crave in order to absorb more fluids on hot, steamy days. Try something yummy like watermelon with some Celtic sea salt sprinkled on top, or even consider something hot and spicy that makes you want to drink a whole gallon of cold, refreshing water afterwards! Keep a lot of cool and refreshing fluids on hand.

Eat small meals often. Nibble on some healthy snacks during the day before that big cookout you’ve been looking forward to all week, so that you can enjoy it without feeling sick from the heat while you’re there. Look for healthy takes on the food recipes that keep you cool like the veggie platters and fruit salads. Summertime really is a great time to get in on salads; while they might not seem quite as appealing during the winter months, these light and healthy meals are going to look fantastic on the days when heavy foods feel just too hot to bear.

How about some cool drink ideas? Skip the alcohol during the day and reach for something with more nutritious and hydrating properties. Summertime is your chance to invent awesome new takes on lemonades, smoothies and other juice drinks. Smoothies are fantastic because they can serve as both drinks and meals, especially when it’s too hot to put anything into your body but icy-cold liquids. Use frozen fruits and vegetables to really make your treat cool. Coconut water is my to go drink on a steamy day to keep you hydrated and is a great source of electrolytes too!


Bring healthy potluck dishes to BBQs, so that everyone can enjoy something healthy, and so you’ll know there’ll be a great option available for you when you get there. Go for options other than just hamburgers, like grilled tofu, fish and lean meat chicken. Try recipes from other cultures at your next BBQ, spicy Thai grilled tofu or the heat from an Indian-style grilled chicken might be just the food you were looking for to turn up your summer.