No doubt many of you are looking forward to Memorial Day and some well-deserved summertime fun! 

Since this is the weekend that kicks off the season, I want to present you with some healthy eating suggestions while traveling.

Eating healthy when you are traveling can be tricky. Healthy choices may not be available while you are on the road, or you may not know where to find them in an unfamiliar location.

For a lot of folks, digestion can get off track when traveling. Do you know our digestive system is closely tied to our immunity? If our digestive system is functioning optimally, there is a better chance that we stay healthy too.

Here are a few convenient ways to keep your digestive system healthy:

  • Eat foods rich in probiotics: e.g. yogurt (ideally plain, to avoid added sugar), kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi; or take probiotic supplements.
  • Drink fresh juice of carrot and apple to aid colon function. You can also eat them whole.
  • Pack packets of green juice powder with you – it helps balance your blood pH and some also contains prebiotics aid the growth of probiotics.
  • Drink a cup of warm water with fresh lemon juice (about 2 Tbsp) first thing in the morning – it supports liver function so particularly helpful if you have been drinking alcohol or eating greasy foods.
  • Eat high-fiber foods – e.g. order oatmeal for breakfast, and opt for whole grains in your meals.
  • Keep up your fruit and vegetable intake – e.g. start your meals with a salad, grab an apple for snack.
  • If regularity is a challenge:
    • Try prune juice or dried prune.
    • Before you leave for your trip, mix ground flaxseed with psyllium husks, store the mixture in a container and sprinkle it on your food (e.g. on your breakfast oatmeal or your yogurt snack). 
    • Take magnesium citrate and/or vitamin C supplements.