Billions of pounds of chemical pollutants are released into the environment over the course of a year.

It can enter our body through our skin,the air we breathe and the food we eat!

To make matters worse, many of us are now eating diets that are convenience oriented, processed and just plain lacking in nutrition. 

How can we possibly fuel our bodies natural detoxification process?
(DETOXIFICATION refers to our bodies natural ability to remove toxins.)

Now think about this over the course of a LIFETIME. :( Actually, we can help our body reduce the effects of toxicity which include:

  • AVOID additives,preservatives,unhealthy fats. Ditch the processed stuff!
  • DRINK WATER!!! 6-8 glasses everyday! Your body is up to 75% water, so quality & quantity count!
  • EAT fresh fruit,vegetables and grains (preferably organic)
  • READ LABELS–If you don't understand it, don't eat it--Enough said!
  • Ease up on animal fats–Go organic or at least try the leanest cuts *Eat safe fish......this website has some great info: http://
  • EAT-IN more often-you can control what goes into your food & save $ at the same time!
  • Use an Air-Purifier & change air conditioning filters often