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Meet Linda


Meet Linda

To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.
— Buddha

Hi, I’m Linda, I’d like to be friends—can we talk?

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A bit about me, I’m a wife, mother, sister, and best friend and I love to have a good time!

Born and raised in New York, I recently made the “big” move to Southwest Florida-& loving the sunshine.

My search for optimal health and wellness has taken me on an exciting journey, and I’m inviting you to join me. Together we can unlock the keys to your well-being!

While growing up, my self-image left a lot to be desired. All I can remember is this awkward- looking, chubby kid staring back at me in the mirror. As a teenager, I became a bit obsessed with food. I “thought” I was eating a healthy diet but realized I was eating-on-the-run way too much. As a result, I suffered with bouts of IBS during my college years and was put on a plethora of pharmaceutical drugs! I soon realized none of these drugs made me feel any better (I was repeatedly told nothing was “medically” wrong with me).

This went on for quite some time and I slowly learned how to manage my symptoms.

Fast-Forward a Few Years...

I was now working my way up the corporate ladder when I found out that my marriage was unraveling. Suddenly, I was juggling career and being a single-mom to a pre-schooler. Life became very busy and hectic and I was looking for shortcuts. I realized I was fueling my body with caffeine and junk to get me through the day. I knew better, but I was overwhelmed by stress and exhaustion. And my IBS returned with a vengeance. It was time for me to take control of my life and manage my health and stress levels. More importantly, I had to learn to be totally comfortable in my own skin!

I started exploring the world of alternative health and what I felt was right for my unique body.

That was a turning point in my life. I decided to take several conventional and alternative health classes. I hold a degree in Psychology and Education from Hofstra University in New York, and I later went on to become a nutritional counselor. This led me take more coursework through Spencer-Ellis & Nesta Certified where I obtained my certificate as a Holistic Life Coach and Weight Loss Specialist. Finally, I decided to tie it all together and enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York where I was trained in over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts. I am a member of the International Health Coach Alliance and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners where I am recognized as an expert in the health field as a Holistic Health Practitioner.

Today I help clients nourish their mind and body for weight loss and optimal health and wellness transformations by focusing on their uniqueness.      

  Come on—what are you waiting for?

Let’s find your healthy balance and savour your life!

~I am a lifelong learner, and firmly believe no matter how much we know, we can always discover more about ourselves and others!~

Random Tidbits about Me

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  • I’m totally addicted to self-help books-just about any kind-don’t care for fiction books
  • I do a better job of coloring my own hair than most top-notch salons
  • Have a keen sense of perception which has freaked me out at times
  • I used to rush home to watch Oprah
  • Love boating & have always lived on/near the water
  • Have zippo survivor skills - showed up in Burberry sneakers to go riding an ATV (all terrain vehicle)
  • Not up on the hottest TV shows
  • Really suck at sports-was one of the last kids to be picked in gym class :(
  • Love talking about relationships & human interaction
  • My singing voice is pathetic but won’t stop me from singing to my favorite tunes in the car
  • Find it really annoying when people yap on their phone throughout a meal while dining out
  • Am a certified interior designer....I can usually walk into a room & plan it out all in my head
  • Enjoy laughing to the point of tears
  • So over having to impress anyone really
  • I love fashion & nightlife, but I’m most comfortable at home in my jammies
  • My husband does the majority of the cooking at home & is incredible around a BBQ
  • Threw a party starting on a Friday afternoon & ended Sunday evening-had over 40 guests sleep-over!
  • I have zero tattoos-does permanent eyeliner count?
  • Am so tech-challenged it makes me want to scream
  • Taught myself how to read tarot & am not too bad at it
  • Quit using the microwave about 8 years ago
  • Am totally turned-on by smooth jazz
  • My daughter really is my BFF
  • My husband gave me ski lessons & I hated it-hated the cold, hated it! Did I mention I hated it?
  • I used to be quite shy & quiet as a kid, anyone who met me as an adult would NEVER believe that!
  • De-cluttered my wardrobe & donated about 75% of what I owned & it feels completely liberating
  • A true Gemini & believer in yin & yang - I can see both sides of an issue
  • If life experience counts, I can author a full series & then some
  • Adore fluffy kittens & playful puppies
  • Born & bred a New Yorker, recently moved to SW Florida - feel like I’m on vacation everyday!
Just focus on ‘right now’–not the future or the past...just this one moment right here where you stand.
— Ashley Rice
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I’ve known Linda for 2 years now and she is so driven by her work-she is so inspiring! Her approach is so realistic. A really amazing lady!
— Bambi M / Naples, FL

Linda is high energy with a “can do” attitude that is infectious. She motivates and listens and no matter how you are feeling, she makes you believe that success is merely a cleanse away. Life is always good with Linda as your coach!
— Susan Caruso Siegel, Delray Beach, FL
I LOVE working with Linda-she made me look at things in ways I never would have.
— Valerie S / Huntington, NY
I lost the excess weight on her Clean-Eating Program and feel pretty terrific - my energy is back & I feel so alive!
— Ann T / NYC
Linda Celauro, with Savour Wellness, has been a great addition to our health education events at the Florida Blue Center. Our member’s feedback from her workshops and seminars is always outstanding. She makes it fun to learn how to eat healthy! Her passion and inspiration has helped many people. I value our relationship and always look forward to learning more from Linda.
— Adam Corcoran, Marketing Specialist